Revolutionary Production Process System Decontamination by RTI Upstream: Faster, Safer, Cleaner

RTI Upstream is a global provider of oil and gas production process system decontamination solutions utilizing patented processes and chemistries to clean vessels, tanks, and piping systems. Using a revolutionary approach to unit shutdown and decontamination, we push the envelope on innovation and best practices through our exceptional people, superior chemistries, and enhanced service offerings.

This approach has been proven to reduce cleaning timelines and manpower requirements, eliminate personnel exposures from confined space entry, reduce water use and waste generated, expedite inspection and repair on process equipment, and reduce the need for flaring.

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    Patented formulation and process
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    Once through vapor phase process with steam
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    Removes all Hydrocarbons, LEL, Benzene, and H2S
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    Cleans all surfaces – including packed sections and the underneath of trays

Different By Design

We partner with operations teams to create value through increased uptime, remove barriers to safe working conditions, and improve operational efficiency.

Facility Turnarounds
and Shut Ins

Integrated planning and patented process to ready equipment for maintenance

img-3 Planned and
Unplanned Maintenance

Fit for purpose model aligned to both planned and unplanned events requiring quick response 

img-4 Preventative

Gain efficiency and cost savings through benchmarking and plan implementation 

img-5 Decommission

Prep facilities for decommissioning activities

Promised Experience

We create a triumphant experience for clients, Artisans, and the community to feel the
sensation of success. Every interaction starts with others and ends with victory.

As we think about how we expect our clients to feel after we complete a job,
our hope is that they feel successful and proud of what we’ve achieved together.